CCTV systems are the
number one deterrent in reducing crime

CCTV is used to protect your business, secure your home and public spaces.

hikvision-hqCCTV use in city centres has seen a rapid reduction in crime and more significantly an increase in convictions.  Businesses and organisations recognise the value of CCTV to provide a record of events, increase staff efficiency and reduce staff theft. CCTV cameras can be static or can be moved by manned operators or motion sensors. All of these features and more highlight the flexibility of CCTV systems.

The Alarm Company specialise in a full range of CCTV equipment, from discrete protection for your home to complex integrated systems.  All systems can be viewed via your wifi or remotely if you have Broadband subject to your router compatibility.  You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have crystal clear Full HD images available when you want them and where you want them. Working in close partnership with market leaders and the largest global CCTV manufacturer Hikvision

IP based systems
Full HD resolution
covert systems
digital recording
remote monitoring